Having spent 16 years helping highly sales driven organizations hire salespeople who can really sell, getting the right applicants to apply is critical. We’ve created this Sales Hiring E-course to help get your company hiring better salespeople.

In the previous section of this Advanced Hiring System E-course you’ve gotten your headline written.

We now want to tell the best sales applicants why your company is the kind of company that values sales superstars. Here’s where we want to talk about the unique benefits of working in your company…

And to tell applicants what makes your company a good place to apply

Make sure your claims are believable and include facts to support your claims

What are the special qualities to your company?

Here are some things top sales performers will want to see to consider your company:

Is your company a recognized industry leader? (Include “According to our J.D. Powers” or “The Wall Street Journal says…” )
Is this a salary position? (Very important to clearly articulate that in your ad.)
Is your company locally-based?
Does your company promote from within?
Does your company have a unique product that with the right sales talent is very hot?
Is your commission structure extremely generous?
Do top performers succeed quickly?

When I write copy I remind myself “Generalities roll off the mind of the prospect, like water off the back of a duck.” Get specific in your ad and give your prospective superstar salesperson reasons to consider your company…

“Last year, despite the economy Acme added clients.”
“Last year, despite the economy Acme increased its client list by 13% including 2 of the Fortune 500.”

“Top compensation”
“According to Salary.com our salespeople earn 20% more than others in our field”

“Highest rated company”
“Recognized by Standard and Poors as #2 rated Insurance company”

Get the idea?

Be specific, it adds to the ad’s impact

Why are we running this ad? Answer: “Our company is a home for top sales performers.
We are committed to making sure your unique skills as a top sales performer are rewarded. We mean that — we pay higher commissions, a bigger base and give a more generous expense account than anyone else.

We believe that in a free market economy great salespeople make great things happen. We want the best salespeople in the world on our team. Sales skills are a talent in short supply and we are always willing to talk if you are a real top performer

Does that make sense?

A philosophy that says top sales talent is worth its weight in gold is what this course is all about.

Top sales talent does not come from training…
Training enhances it…But you either have it or you don’t.

We’ve covered a lot of ground on how to make your ad specific and why that is important.

Stay tuned

In the next section we’re going to get into a trick we’ve been teaching our clients that will amaze you.