The Number 1 Reason Sales Managers Hate to Hire Sales People

Sales Hiring is the part of most sales manager’s jobs we could live without.

For all the time and effort it takes, too often we end up with less than what we thought we were getting. Statistically hiring the way everyone does it, we hire right 1 out of 4 times. (Check your own experience to see if this is accurate. For 12 years we’ve heard sales managers tell us 1 out of 4 is right.)


There’s almost no difference between experienced sales managers vs inexperienced sales managers’ success rates either.

Why are sales hiring results so bad?

We think there’s one reason that explains the sales hiring failure rate – lack of experience.

But, I just said there’s no difference between results for experienced vs inexperienced sales managers. Experienced sales managers have more experience hiring salespeople. Their numbers should be better, right?

Unfortunately, even an experienced sales manager only hires very infrequently. There is no knowledge base built up. Experience isn’t really that experienced when it comes to hiring salespeople.

Increasing your experience hiring salespeople successfully

We’ve developed an online sales hiring course that will give you exactly what you need: experience, tips, and a path to follow that works. We’ve been doing sales hiring research for more than 12 years. There is no PERFECT sales hiring system, but there are BETTER sales hiring systems than the one most sales managers use.

Online Sales Hiring Course

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