Salesperson Profile – Profile Graphs Reveal Secrets of Your Sales Applicants

All of our Advanced Hiring System clients receive unlimited client service at no additional charge. Either by phone or email, clients can reach us and get help hiring salespeople. As well, we make regular client service calls on a periodic basis to find out how things are going.

In a recent  client service call, a client, who we’ll call Jane, was telling me she recently had a salesperson quit who “passed” the test. She was glad he quit so that she didn’t have to fire him.

She said he didn’t fit in at the company and didn’t get along with his co-workers at the station. Besides he wasn’t a very good salesperson.

I asked her who she was talking about so I could see the graphs. When I got the applicant’s graph on my screen  I was surprised.

Looking at the graphs this applicant should not have been interviewed.

AHS clients can see the actual graphs by logging into the Member Area

Its often eerie how the profiles can predict sales hiring success or failure.


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