I hate cancellations, yet my experience is that clients who cancel have never worked the system. They always cut corners on the system.

So, first let’s review the System so there’s no mistaking how you get top 9 sales performers for every 10 hires:

  1. Design your ad based on the templates in the Ad Writing Module
  2. Place your ad based on the Ad Placement Module (also included here is Social Media marketing and Key Community Leader Notification of your opening.)
  3. Screen all applicants using the ValuesMatrix
  4. For all applicants who “pass” in Step 3 run a StylesMatrix on them
  5. Interview using the AHS 4-Part Interview Module at least three applicants who passed in Step 4 and hire the applicant who scored the best in the four separate interviews. Remember to check references here.

Another way of breaking down the applicant processing steps is:

  1. For every position you are hiring for get 20 Applicants to take the ValuesMatrix
  2. Statistically, 45% will pass. Let’s round that to 10 who will now take the StylesMatrix
  3. Statistically 3 applicants will pass the StylesMatrix. They each get 4 separate interviews using the script contained in the AHS 4-Part Interview Module. You grade the quality of their answers. The applicant who scores the best is your choice.

It is disarmingly simple, yet clients who follow the system swear by it and clients who edit it to suit themselves say it doesn’t work.

The national statistics, across industries, say sales managers are hiring 1 top performer for every 4 hires. A top performer is a salesperson who hits high goal year after year, not some flash in the pan hire who shines for a year or less.

I got an email from a client who said the system didn’t work. “We hired 6 out of 6 duds following the system to the Tee. I just hired 2 out of 2 stars without the system”

I looked at her statistics. She ran a total of 28 ValuesMatrix and 12 StylesMatrix in one year. In other words she profiled enough applicants to make 1 good hire. Any wonder why she hired 6 out of 6 duds?

Here’s my public bet. $100 says a year from now neither of those two stars in hitting high goals. I hate to be egoistic here, but I have reviewed more that 38,000 sales applicants in the past 4 years. I simply have more data to evaluate.

Statistically, most sales managers have reviewed no more than 200 applicants in their entire career. The amount of data they have to work with is therefore limited. Too, most sales managers are too busy selling and managing to really become expert at hiring. ]

Our data tells us we have a system that dramatically increases sales hiring success rates to insanely high levels.

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