The AHS System is a Sales Hiring System. Each step of the recruiting process is addressed in the AHS System.

One of the steps is running the StylesMatrix on applicants who pass the ValuesMatrix.

Out of every 100 Styles profiles run, 3.68 produce a “Flag Page.”

What is a Flag Page? It is an abnormal graph which indicates the applicant is going through a period of emotional upheaval.

There are three variations to the Flag Page pattern:
The overshift, the undershift and the tight patterns.

As a client, you can log into the Member Area and see a detailed explanation of each type together with examples of actual graphs.

Why is knowing that applicants are producing a Flag Page so important before you invest a lot of time with them? Simply because today’s
environment is filled with stress from the changes that are occurring.

It is simply more challenging to sell now. Applicants who produce this Flag Page are demonstrating a problem up front in the way they are handling  (or not handling) stress well.

We have through the years heard of clients who’ve gone on to check references to confirm the Flag Page:

One client reported his former employer called him a “basket case” (not legal in the U.S., but in the U.K where the client was located it is.)

Our advice when dealing with Flag Page applicants is to “pass” on them.  There are so many good applicants out there today you don’t want to waste time of “Problem Children.”


Flag Page

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