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(My entire life I’ve been a student of Peak Performance — how is it that some people are so productive, while others are not?

One of my mentors is Ted Nicholas. He taught me, as an entrepreneur through his books. As well, I’ve had the opportunity to spend time with him and his life companion Claudia at dinner one evening in California.

I had received this email from Ted back in 2006. I and am sharing it with you in the hope you find it as inspiring as I did.)



7 Magic Words to Happiness

The Success Margin Sunday, March 26, 2006

There is a definite link between happiness and success in this sense. The happier you are, the more successful you are likely to be. In this issue of The Success Margin I will further clarify this point.

Are you ready to accept the greatest gift I or perhaps anyone else has ever given you?

Today, dear reader, I’m going to offer you some magic words that have the power to change your life. I know that’s an incredible promise. And if you are skeptical, I wouldn’t blame you. But I can assure you the magic words I will give you, if -used, will bring you a lifetime of happiness. And nothing less!

As long as I can remember I’ve been intrigued by `he mystery of how to achieve happiness. Some would even say I’ve been obsessed by it. Why? I have always wanted to become a happy, positive person myself.

What intrigued me was this simple observation. Nearly everyone I’ve ever met, including my friends and family, is sad and unhappy most all the time. Indeed, the most popular conversation amongst all people I’ve been with consists of complaints and negativity about life.

Think about your own life. I’d bet the truly happy people you could point to are few and far between. If you’ve known more than a handful of such people, I feel you have been truly blessed.

Individuals who are happy, optimistic, positive and self-confident are definitely the rarest of humans.

Does happiness come from achievements? Or special events in life?

Clearly, happiness does not come from business success. Material possessions. A certain amount of money in the bank. A terrific family. Or even a super romantic relationship.

I know millionaires and billionaires with every blessing imaginable who are depressed and unhappy. And a few individuals who have almost nothing resembling the above who are happy, content, and optimistic.

You can be miserable in a huge mansion. And happy in a modest apartment.

What, then, is the secret to happiness?

I’ve pursued my own happiness with diligence. I’m going to reveal the most important lessons I’ve learned.

I submit that all happiness is a result of our –self-talk. Our internal dialogue is the key. It’s all in the words we use.

It matters not what happens to us in life, but in the words we use silently to “frame” it in our minds.

Just emotional state–happiness, depression, anger, joy, etc.–follows from the words we use with ourselves.

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