Paying Top Salesmen Well is Not Only Fair, It’s Good Business Sense

If you’ve recruited real salesmen (and not a faker), paying them well is not optional. Eli 018 (Small)

A compensation plan for real salesmen, needs to be designed so that salespeople who “kill it”, make a ton.

Advanced Hiring System clients understand this, but it bears repeating: top sales performers are what are called by Abraham Maslow “High Practical Personality styles.”

In short, top salespeople do not wake up in the morning, open their eyes and ask themselves “How can I serve humanity” — not gonna happen.

Top sales performers are money or power motivated. They are driven by wanting to gain a greater sense of control over their lives. In a free market economy (and we still have one, despite the efforts of our politicians), salespeople want more money in order to feel in control.

If you try to chisel a salesperson, if they are a real top performer, you might increase your profits short-term. Long term, they’re going to be looking for a new home where they can achieve their goals.

Weak salespeople, those who know deep down inside they are fake salespeople will accept lower pay. But those kinds of salespeople are a dime a dozen – and they are not real salespeople. In the old days we called them “cheeks in the seat”.” In the beginning when I did some work for Sprint, that’s all they wanted – people to “make dials”. But that’s not selling.

Selling is having the intuitive ability to help others to reach a favorable decision for our proposition. It is a rare skill to be able to really sell.  And yet, it is a skill that can be identified in a highly predictable way using the tools we’ve developed for our clients.

We heard recently one of our clients held members of his trade association’s annual meeting spellbound. He was talking about “the amazingly simple system they use to identify to hire “hunters” time after time. Thanks, Chris!

We’re always looking for new clients who realize that the only way out of the mess created by Washington or London is to hire top salesmen. Click here to take a free profile and find out more. Sales Managers or decision-makers, please.

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