She asks, “Is Right Side or Left Side of Wheel a Better Sales Person?”

Often, new clients like to run their existing team through both profiles to see what they’ve got — and to confirm the effectiveness of the AHS System.

When they get the results back, sometimes they find productive salespeople on the left side of the wheel.

Does this invalidate the system? How do we interpret the data?

Here’s the definitive answer on

Left Side of the Wheel Salespeople vs. Right Side of the Wheel Salespeople.

1. Left side of the Wheel salespeople are High S and High C. They like to get organized first.

Right Side of the Wheel Salespeople are High D and High I. They like action and like to get going fast.

From a a “Salary invested before you find out if they are going to make it” standpoint –you will know more quickly whether Right Side Salespeople are likely to succeed.  Therefore your bad hires will cost you less. Since you have to be more patient with a Left Side Salesperon, you have to invest more salary in them before you know if you’ve got a failure.

2. Since August 1, 2001, AHS has tested 33,953 salespeople for our clients. When surveying our clients with the following

“Of your top performers, what side of the wheel do they score on?”

85.6% Right Side Salespeople
14.4% Left Side Salespeople

The System IS the Solution!

Good luck and great sales hiring!


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