Sales Managers: Watch This Video of a 737 Landing For a Sales Hiring Lesson


If the statistics are accurate, as a profession, sales managers hire 1 great salesperson for every 3 or 4 hires. Contrast this to commercial airline pilots who successfully land 50,000 to 70,000 planes a day.

Sales Managers: We “bat” anywhere from .250 to .300. Pretty bad. This “sales hiring failure” rate hurts:

  • your reputation as a manager and leader
  • sales as a profession
  • your company
    • lost revenue
    • lost salary to the bad hires
    • lost reputation in your markets
    • poor morale in your sales department
  • our clients miss a chance to take advantage of our company’s products and have to settle for our competitor’s inferior offering
  • the poor shlub you hire
    • is wasting his or her time
    • hates their job
    • doesn’t make any real money
    • in truth should never have gone into sales

Here’s why pilots succeed:

Because they know their decision is a life or death situation. Pilots have developed a system with a series of benchmarks. They check those benchmarks off every single time.

Haven’t you suffered enough hiring salespeople the old fashion way?

Check out this amazing video