Writing Ads to Hire Sales people — Do You Make This Mistake in Writing Ads to Hire Salespeople?

When I first started hiring salespeople I didn’t pay very much attention to writing the ad for hiring salespeople. Back then I took the attitude that if they weren’t motivated enough to seek me out to heck with them.

Today I realize that was a big mistake.  Writing Ads for Salespeople

Why? Because top salespeople don’t grow on trees. Top salespeople are a rare and precious commodity – and they are essential to my success in my business.

My thinking — that top salespeople were going to figure out that I was the kind of company they should want to work — for was foolish.

As a result of this mistake, I was required to have to sift through way too many duds. But even more deadly to my effort to find those super salespeople is that they never even considered me.

Let me explain:

We all have a certain image of ourselves – ways we describe ourselves to ourselves, if you will.

What makes top salespeople different is first of all what happens inside themselves. And how they communicate to themselves about themselves is different from what the average salespersons does.

If I think of myself as a unique, special top-performer type salesperson, then the standard ad is simply not going to get me interested enough to apply.

Don’t kid yourself, most ads for salespeople are simply horrible. I joke in seminars that most ads for salespeople look like they were written by people who hate salespeople. Unfortunately, it’s not really a joke.

Check it out yourself, as a sales manager when you see someone who’s a great salesperson what do you think? Something like “Wow, he or she is really effective, they’re so in control of their communication.”

But people who are not salespeople’s reaction is, “they are such salespeople, so superficial.”

So the next time you decide it’s time to take steps to grow your sales by improving your sales team, be sure that someone who respects sales as a profession writes the ad for salespeople.

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