The hardest thing for me when learning something new is admitting how little I know about the new subject.

It’s my ego that gets in my way.

After all, “I am an accomplished guy”, I say to myself.

And then I start to tick off all the things I’ve accomplished to myself. “I created and then managed blah, blah blah.” (The list I recite to myself is long. I’ll spare you the list.)

Sales Hiring Failures and Learning Social Media

Recently I have become a client of Blogging and Social Media expert, Chris Garrett.

In working at the material I have had to accept that “I am going to rely on the expertise of someone else to guide me. And even though I have a lot of competencies, in this area I am a beginner.”

My experience at learning to become an “Authority Blogger”, as Chris calls his strategy, has lead me to learn something about my clients too.

Why Can’t Some Clients Learn How to Hire Better?

This question has bothered me for more than 16 years now. I mean we have great raving fans who say things like:

“Its working great. We feel like you’ve turned us on to a gold mine. We can really tell with the last few people that we’ve hired how well the System works.”

Jamie Futrell
Bristol Broadcasting

“We hired 11 people in our Dayton Center using the System. It is without a doubt the most productive group of new hires we’ve made. Ever.”

Jeff Sullivan
MetLife Group Auto & Home

And then there are some who simply don’t follow the System the way it was designed and get lousy hires. Then they drop out.

Yet I see it’s the same at Authority Blogger. Some clients, through studying and implementing his method of social media, have created tremendously successful online reputations. Others have tried to do it their way and have failed.

Admitting “What I Know” is Not Relevant

I realize that the hardest thing for me learning something new is admitting how little I know about the new subject.

It’s my ego that gets in my way.

But, I am making real progress and starting to see the power and possibilities of mastering this new skill. And I am doing it by relying on an experienced coach.

If you are not getting great sales hires check out the resources and articles here. Suspend your judgment and just follow the steps.

You’ll surprise yourself with your brilliance for doing it that way.

Trust the System. It works.

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