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Most people who hire salespeople have not become aware of the way things have changed over the last 10 years with sales applicants

FACT: Just ten years ago (and maybe even less) for an applicant to apply for a sales job  they had to DO something.

They had to either mail you or fax you a resume. This meant actually getting up from their computer and performing some sort of action.

Not todaySo Easy to Click and Apply

Today the typical sales applicant tweaks their LinkedIn profile, writes a resume, sends it to a resume tweaking service, then gets online and starts clicking on their computer.

No action required.

20 years ago applicants had to write a resume AND hand-type a cover letter AND insert it into an envelope AND mail it at 25 cents apiece.

All of that has changed for the applicant, at the click of a button they apply to hundreds of sales managers who are looking for a sales star.

But what about the sales manager who receives those applications?

What has changed for you since 2005?

Oh, maybe you now have some way to keep track of all your applicants online, but short of  that not a whole heck of a lot.

And that is the essence of the sales hiring problem that 99% of sales managers face.

So you stare at a bunch of glitzy resumes, all tweaked by professional resume tweakers.

Do you really think you can match your job to a resume and make a great sales hire?

It ain’t gonna happen. NO WAY. We both know it. YET everyday sales managers across the world select the 3 or 4 applicants whose resumes look the best:

No typos
Previous sales experience
Previous industry experience
Good looking resume

And bring in those 3 applicants for an interview or two… and hire the one who “handled themselves the best”.

Wonder why only 1 out of 4 or 5 sales hires are worth the price of a pair of shoes?

For more than 16 years now, Advanced Hiring System has been teaching our clients how to turn the tables on this trend by creating a sales hiring system.

For more information on how the AHS Sales Hiring System puts you in control of the process, click here. Try a free profile and see one of the things applicants HAVE TO DO to apply for a job at our clients.

Put yourself back in control of the hiring process.