Can the Advanced Hiring System be used for a picking a spouse? Humbly, I’d like to suggest that the best strategy for wife selection comes from the heart.

In 1976 I’d never heard of personality profiling, and, frankly, I’d probably not have paid any attention to it. I saw her across the green of our apartment complex as a young 24 year old and it was “love at first sight.”

However, now that I’m older and savvier about selection strategies, I can offer a couple of pieces of “wisdom.”

  1. Be sure that values are in alignment. The first step in the AHS sales selection is ValuesMatrix™. Without correct values selection you’ll find marriages and sales hires will be iffy at best.
  2. Be sure that DISC personality style is congruent with roles. In marriage selection, like in sales departments, managers who are high-D need to use care in managing employees.
    As it turned out, our styles are quite compatible – we’re not both high-D. (It should be easy for you to guess who the high-D is. If you’re having trouble here’s my wife’s blog:
  3. Interview more than once and be sure to structure your interview. In my case it took my nearly 2 years to succeed at my interviews to be selected as husband. She kept cancelling my interviews and telling me I was not a candidate, however she didn’t realize the perfect sales personality doesn’t give up when they know their product solves the prospect’s needs.

By the way, I’m working on a 38th Anniversary Sale. Stay tuned. For now, I’ve promised to come home early tonight and go out for sushi.



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