If you’ve been scratching your head over low sales and can’t seem to figure out the source, it’s possible you need a better sales team. The AHS Sales Course teaches managers how to hire the best sales people available via a clear cut program. Outlined in the course are the ways in which better sales are achieved through better employees.

One way to hire better sales people is to ask better questions. The typical interview questions sales people are asked don’t always give a manager the most important information. How to hire a salesperson for better sales depends greatly on the sales assessment questions you choose.

Is the sales applicant highly motivated to make a lot of money?

Pre-employment tests provide sales managers with questions that address this need. You want a sales force full of money-seeking professionals. Sales assessment questions should help you determine if that’s a value the applicant has. The better sales the company stands to bring in, the more the salesperson will earn in commissions. Make sure that matters to the applicants you hire.

Would the applicant find creative ways to bend the rules for a sale?

You want employees with integrity and loyalty, but you also want a sales team full of people who see ways around some of the rules. How to hire a salesperson with that kind of creative thinking is important. Use interview questions sales people would have to think outside the box in order to find a solution. There’s a fine line between bending the rules to get a sale and being a dishonest person, so be careful you don’t hire people who would cross it.

Is it worth the cost of having a testing company analyze pre-employment sales test results?

If your budget will allow it, do consider hiring a third party testing company to provide the pre-employment sales tests and then analyze them for you. Your sales managers can learn how to analyze the test results on their own, but it might save you time and bring clearer results to have the professionals do it. Different graphs and charts can clearly reveal the applicant’s potential. You might be surprised what some of the answers really reveal.

What if I your gut instincts tell you an applicant has top-performer potential?

Your company deserves the time and attention it requires to ask each applicant the same questions. Losing the chance at better sales is too much of a risk to just trust your instincts. Find out if the applicant has the right values and personality traits necessary to succeed. It’s your employees who need great gut instincts, so determine if they do.

Want better sales? It’s simple. Hire a better sales team. Top-performing go-getters on a sales team find ways to reach goals in spite of tough economies and low odds. Find the better performers and you’ll achieve better sales.

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