If the data is correct, more duds are hired for sales than studs.

Most sales managers when given the task of hiring salespeople couldn’t pick a sales stud out of a stack of resumes if he or she bit them in the butt.

We go on daily, thinking that nobody wants to work these days.  We hire hoping that it will work out, but it is pure guesswork using resumes and gut feel interviewing.

The woodpecker might have to go

The woodpecker might have to go

Here are the facts:

Most people don’t want to work — However this is nothing new. Its always been this way. Long before our current numb nuts politicians screwed things up… previous generations of politicians screwed things up… Get over it.

The economy has made selling harder than ever — This might be somewhat true for our lifetimes, but things have been a heck of a lot worse. In the 1930’s there was a killer Depression. Worldwide economies were stagnant. Guess what? IBM was founded during the Depression.

There is no test to really prove whether a sales hire will work out — Actually there is… well, actually there are two tests that we use to get inside an applicant’s head. Here’s what Matt McCallum of Great American Publishing said to me the other day.

“The Advanced Hiring System tests are amazing. And whenever I have violated the rules of the test, I ended up sooner or later (usually sooner) finding out I hired a fake.”

Now is the time to start looking for those studs. The economy is not going to give you a better time to hire (just look at what Big Blue IBM became from their start during the Depression.)