We're about to dive into the fascinating world of sales assessments and tests. These nifty tools do much more than grade your sales team. They can transform your sales process, create superstars, and put you on the fast track to phenomenal success. Ready? Let's go!

Finding Hidden Gems: Measuring Sales Potential Through Assessment Tests

You've got a team, some of them are regularly hitting and exceeding goals. But the majority are mediocre – to put it kindly. You didn’t hire using profiles, but know that you’ve been around a bit, you’re wanting to find out if any of your “mediocres” have the potential to turn things around for themselves. Enter sales assessment tests. These are not your old school pop quizzes but state-of-the-art evaluations designed to measure the innate selling abilities that can't be found on a LinkedIn profile or resume.

Sales assessment tests look beyond the numbers and go straight to the heart of what makes a salesperson truly shine. They gauge traits like resilience, adaptability, and problem-solving prowess. These tests are like your personal treasure maps, helping you discover who can bring home the gold and push your business to new heights.

But caution is required here! Do not terminate those who are mediocre and were identified by the profiles as unsuitable for a sales career. This will bring the hellfire of the government down on you. Rather, set goals and terminate for failure to achieve goals. You are legally not permitted to terminate based on tests.

Straight Shooter: Objective Evaluation Methods for Sales Talent

There's no room for favoritism in sales. You want a team of top performers, and for that, you need an unbiased referee. Objective evaluation methods ensure everyone's on a level playing field. They focus on the facts, analyzing key performance indicators, and behavioral patterns to provide a clear picture of each salesperson's capabilities.

By using these methods, you're promoting a culture of meritocracy, where talent and effort determine success. Objective evaluations empower your team, boosting motivation, and driving them to reach their full potential.

Hiring the Right Way: Testing Sales Skills

We’re aiming for Sales hiring optimization. A LinkedIn Profile or resume might tell you a bit about a candidate, but it's not going to spill the beans on their ability to close a deal. That's where testing sales skills for hiring purposes comes into play. These tests go beyond surface-level qualifications and delve into the practicalities of selling.

A sales skills test is your secret weapon for hiring top-notch talent. It can reveal a candidate's understanding of sales processes, their negotiation tactics, and their resilience in the face of rejection. By integrating these tests into your hiring process, you'll be bringing onboard sales champs who can sprint to the finish line.

The Perfect Match: Using ValuesMatrix(TM) and StylesMatrix(TM) for Sales Hiring

Imagine if you could find the perfect match for your sales team. That is sales hiring optimization.A person whose values align with your company culture and whose work style complements your existing team. That's not just a dream, that's what you get with ValuesMatrix(TM) and StylesMatrix(TM).

ValuesMatrix(TM) helps you understand what drives a person's decisions. Do they value innovation? Or are they all about customer satisfaction? This tool uncovers those inner motivations that can steer your company's success.

On the other hand, StylesMatrix(TM) shows you how a person works. Do they thrive under pressure? Importantly, what is their deeply-held attitude toward influencing others. How do they interact with others? Getting this snapshot helps you build a harmonious team, where everyone brings something unique to the table.

Together, these matrices are your blueprint for a high-performing sales team. They ensure you're not just hiring skilled salespeople, but individuals who can contribute to your team in meaningful ways.

So, there you have it! Sales assessments and tests are not just about keeping tabs on your sales team. They're game-changers that can help you measure potential, hire the right people, and build an unstoppable sales force. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to embrace these tools and race ahead to that sales finish line!

If you’d like to find out how to build a sales recruitment system based on the latest AI and brain research, schedule a free Science of Sales Hiring Strategy Session.


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