Long before there were electric lights, the ancient Greeks identified that different people have different personality styles. This personality style typing has become much more sophisticated since Greece’s golden age.

Computers make profiling a lot easier for us. Today, in less than 20 minutes, you can get a very accurate reading on what your sales applicants’ personality styles are.

Among the 2000+ clients we have, there are quite a few who started out thinking that “profiling doesn’t work.” But when we looked at how they had been taught to use them, it became clear why they hadn’t gotten laser sharp results from implementing a 100% profiling policy for sales hiring.

So for the benefit of those who have doubts about the effectiveness of profiling, we are sharing with you essential tips on how to make it a success:

  1. We recommend that you profile all applicants before you look at their backgrounds. You should find out what makes them tick first.
  2. Use a validate instrument – this should be obvious, but there’s a lot of snake oil out there in the world. It’s best to be cautious at all times.
  3. First, profile applicants for CORE Values – What do they get out of bed for in the morning? Make sure they are High Practicals where Money or Power is number 1 priority for them.
  4. Next, profile applicants for CORE Style – whether they enjoy persuasion and don’t find it tedious OR if it’s not their cup of tea. You are hiring long-term talents here; people who don’t like persuasion burn out in a sales job.


The use of profiles makes setting up a sales hiring system easier. You are able to review more applicants more quickly. You’re not going to miss hidden gem applicants and you’re not going to get fooled by faked-up resumes or polished LinkedIn profiles.

The bottom line: You’re going to make more money per salesperson with correct profiling and guess where that leads? More profit for your business!