Pitch Anything by Oren KlaffMost sales training books are same old crap, different day. Sad but true.

But every so often there is something that puts a whole new spin on what works and what doesn’t.

Just recently the book Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff was recommended to me by my business coach who I meet with weekly. (Yes even I need a coach.) I thought this was going to be a waste of time. (And made a mental note to check our contract to make sure I could cancel the coaching with no penalty.)

But I’ve learned in the years I’ve been in business that it doesn’t hurt to look. So I downloaded the book, stuck it on my phone and went about my business.

That afternoon as I was sitting in the waiting room to see the Orthopedist (and hoping he’d agree to take off this damned cast so that I could go for a run) I started reading Pitch Anything.

Holy crap, this guy is the real thing. Totally new perspective on what happens in a sale – and how in today’s Twitter environment you’d better get to the point quickly and make that point dramatically.

If you read no other business book this month, pick up a copy of Pitch Anything.