Time Management has been one of my passions since I heard Charles Hobbs’ tape series “Your Time and Your Life” 30 years ago.  Hobbs breaks time management down to increments, so there’s annual planning, monthly planning, weekly planning and daily planning.

For many of you who’ve been clients for a while, you know I’ve always made Christmas Day my annual planning day.

Annual planning days tended to get lost for me.  So I stuck mine on Christmas day. It made it easy to remember which day I am scheduled to do it. It’s also a good day in my view to do some planning.

Except this year.

Now that I’m 62 I realize how looking back on those special, unusual days is part of the fun of living.

We’re spending our Holiday season at our place in Nahariya, Israel right in front of the Mediterranean. And this year our 10 and 6 year old grandsons are going to be with us from New York.

When they were here in the summer they had a blast boogie boarding.

So this year, Grandpa is taking them boogie boarding.  It might be a short run. Although the Mediterranean is warmer than the Atlantic, it’s still chilly. I’m planning a big fire on the beach — since Israeli cops are very mellow when it comes to stuff like fires on the beach.

Hopefully there will be some pictures to post.