Better Sales – Managing Different Styles The High-S

High-S behavior is staying in one physical location for extended periods of time. High-S’s make good accounting managers and receptionists since their work requires they stay in the same physical location for extended periods of time.

The High-S is possibly a good inside salesperson PROVIDED that other criteria are met. This is discussed in the Member Area of the Advanced Hiring System website. In general, though, we recommend you stay away from High-S in salespeople.

If you’ve ever hired a salesperson who looked good, smelled good and everything seemed right with them in the interview, but they never left the office, you hired a High-S.

Many sales managers think they can train people to change their behavior. Be extremely cautious when you find this thought creeping into your head – especially with High-S’s.

When I was a young sales guy, I remember my Sales Manager going through the office at 10:00 am clapping his hands saying, “OK everyone out of the office.” He was trying to fix the High-S hirers he had made by getting them out. It was an exercise in futility as those High-S’s just go home or to their favorite coffee show.

Think back to the time you’ve hired a salesperson who you thought was spending a long time learning about the product at their desk. Did they really ever succeed? In the overwhelming majority of cases they failed.

Outside sales is Low-S behavior. It requires a personality style that enjoys going to different places – which is what is required to make sales calls.

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