Sales recruiting is the biggest challenge most entrepreneurs face.

I’d like to suggest the reason for this failure — and why leading sales managers get sales recruiting right.

Let’s say you’re out to sell the dream account. When it’s time to close do you focus on what’s most important to them? Of course you do!

You wouldn’t consider talking to them about what’s important to you. You wouldn’t tell them to buy now so you can buy a new car or pay for your kid’s tuition.

Yet most sales recruiting ads — which is the beginning of the sales recruiting funnel, fail here big time.

Let’s step back. Ask yourself what makes a good salesperson?

Now of course they need to be persuasive and enjoy the process of influencing others.

But there’s one thing missing from this… their values. What gets the best salespeople out of bed in the morning?

A little trick I learned years ago from Bill Bonstetter is “Values Rule the World.” This is a key finding for sales recruiting.

So what are the key values of a top sales performers? According to Abraham Maslow, the father of American Psychology, salespeople are “high practicals.”

Salespeople want to figure out “where can I get control? In todays world that means “Where’s the Money and Where’s the Power?”

In your ad you’ve got to show them that your job is the key for them to reach their goals. And that is why the leading sales managers start with a Compensation Strategy.

Starting with your Compensation Strategy makes it easy to write the ad.

The converse is also true. Looking at most sales recruiting ads you can see why applicants are not applying.

We’ve put together a quiz that will help you figure out the best way to get your sales recruitment working. Click the button below and in a minute you’ll have our suggestion to solve the challenge of sales hiring.


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