How to Get a Flood of the Best Sales Applicants You’ve Ever Seen   

Before the Internet, if you wanted 100 applicants to apply for a sales job, your company needed to be in New York or LA. But today your business can be anywhere and you’ll still get a flood of applicants.

The key is to write an ad that welcomes the studs and chases away the slugs.

Most sales ads are too general.

They waver when describing what the applicant gets for applying to work at your company.

Most sound like an HR job description. They list everything the applicant has to do or have done. There is nothing about what the applicants gets.

Help Wanted – Sales Ads in Monster  Just Plain Suck

Scan the Ads in Monster.  The ads all look alike and none talk to top sales performers.  (NOTE: We have found Monster to be a poor choice to advertise a sales job.)

To draw large numbers of the “right” applicants you’ve got to talk to your applicants. Tell them you believe sales talent is the rarest and most important talent in business.

Talk about how you are looking to give them what they want most.

Top sales talent wants money and power. Tell them how your company is a money and power factory for top sales talent.

Prove the money part by giving specific numbers. Tell them what the highest paid salesperson in your company earns. Or if you’re a new company, tell them what they’ll earn based on your compensation strategy.

And don’t buy the BS that Millenials don’t want Money, that they’re looking to serve humanity. Top salespeople are High Practicals. Weak salespeople want to be loved. Strong salespeople want to close business and earn more money.

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