You have decided you need to improve your sales staff and begin thinking about posting an ad on internet jobs boards or even in trade publications for salesmen. You will probably spend more time on the content of your ad than the headline, meaning very few top performing sales people will ever read about the opportunity you are offering.

Building a sales team takes time and patience but by hiring the right people in the first place you can have them hit the ground running. You have to get the attention of those that can be a top performer in your industry interested in your company and its sales team. To do that your ad has to provide information that can capture the imagination of those looking to work with a top company.

Being realistic, salesmen are interested in how much money they can make. Yes, they will all want to help the company succeed, knowing that if the company makes money they can make money. Where the company is located and how the sales staff is compensated will be high on most people’s list along with top performers being able to advance quicker than others. In other words, are advancements based on performance or longevity.

You have probably hired many salesmen in the past and have a standard procedure to hire sales people. Quite possibly you have a prepared script along with a list of questions that are asked of everyone. If it has worked well for you in the past you should have a pile of top performing salesmen already working for you. If you don’t then remember how Albert Einstein described insanity as doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

You will have to ask yourself why you are running an ad. The answer should be because you are building a sales team comprised of the best salesmen available. Your ad also has to tell potential new hires that they want to work for you, as opposed to hundreds of other companies that all claim to offer the highest compensation. Be specific. Quote reputable sources about the quality of your company’s compensation and how working for you will help them achieve their own high earnings expectations.

Don’t be afraid to brag about how your company’s top performers were rewarded. By offering up specific examples of income potential it can get them thinking that they are so good it won’t take long for them to earn even more than that. It is one way to get applicants to send in their resume for you to judge who deserves an interview for your salesmen position.