Have you ever hired a total dud…even when you were sure they were going to be great?

I’ve been a fan of Business author and speaker Robert J. Ringer since the 1970s. Author of eight books including best sellers…

“Winning Through Intimidation”…
And “Looking Out for Number One”

He’s well known for his set of Theories. For example Ringer’s “Theory of Reality”. Reality isn’t the way you wish things to be or the way things appear to be, but the way things actually are. You either acknowledge reality and use it to your benefit or it will automatically work against you.

We’ve all experienced it, deluding ourselves about reality and getting ourselves in big trouble for it.

Ringers writes a blog and a recent post caught my attention when he described a disastrous hiring experience.

Ringer explains why psychologically, standard hiring strategy, that is — hiring the way most people do it:
Flipping through resumes…
Then hiring the applicant who “handled themselves well in the interview”…

Causes more failures than successes.

Titled “More on the Dunning-Kruger Effect” the post describes Ringer’s experience hiring a dud snd the pain that hiring that dud caused him. Ringer cites extensive research conducted by Cornell University psychology professors Justin Kruger and David Dunning into “The Dunning-Kruger Effect” which states “Incompetent people often suffer from delusions of superiority the result being that they overrate their own abilities.”

Since incompetent people overate their abilities the most incompetent write the greatest resumes Which they can’t deliver on. And, too, since they’re extremely confident because of their delusions of superiority hiring managers often get tricked in interviews and come away saying “They handled themselves well in the interview”.

Advanced Hiring System clients use a strategy to avoid these common pitfalls. Since AHS clients never rely on resumes to select. Instead we look for a match between the Values and Personality Style of the applicant and the requirements of the position itself.

We’ve honed those requirements with nearly 16 years of data. As a result you’re rarely fooled by “The Dunning-Kruger Effect”.

We welcome Robert J. Ringer and readers of his blog to take a look at the Advanced Hiring System if they’re hiring salespeople so they can stop using standard hiring strategies and avoid hiring duds as a result of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.