There is one thing you can do to get better sales people on your team: improve your outdated sales hiring system to find and ultimately hire better people for the job. Advanced Hiring Systems (AHS) can help you do just that.

AHS offers a comprehensive 4-step sales hiring course that shows you how to hire a salesperson effectively. The next 7 tips draw on the course, and will help you get better sales people for your company.

  1. 1.                   Ask the right sales assessment questions during the interview process.

The truth is that most companies ask irrelevant sales assessment questions, which do not shed light on the two applicant characteristics that are most important to you, the employer: values, which help you determine his or her motivators, and personality, which helps you determine his or her persuasion ability.

  1. 2.                   Do the sales hiring process differently.

If you do it like everyone else does it, you’ll end up with 4 mediocre sales persons for each 1 good sales person. And when you’re building a sales people team, that rate is a disaster.

  1. 3.                   Hire salespeople constantly.

If you go about searching for people to hire only when you need positions filled, there’s a good chance that you won’t reach the best possible candidates. Be on the lookout for good sales person all the time – do this and hiring better sales persons becomes much easier.

  1. 4.                   Don’t select applicants based solely on their resumes.

These days salespersons know how to tweak their resumes to make them as appealing as possible for potential employers. The resume alone is not trustworthy enough when seeking to hire better sales people. Focus on assessing values and personality instead.

  1. 5.                   Know exactly what people you want to hire.

You won’t be able to screen applicants effectively if you don’t know exactly what applicants you need. Do you want to refresh you aging sales team? Do you want to bring experience to your team? Whatever it is you want, know it.

  1. 6.                   Know how to hire a salesperson who will outperform the average member of your sales team.

A top salesperson can generate even 800% more than the average salesperson. That’s crazy, isn’t it? But how to spot those few fantastic salespersons when browsing through applications? Use the right hiring process and the most effective screening techniques. AHS sales hiring course can show you how to do all that.

  1. 7.                  Avoid asking common interview questions sales persons know how to answer.

There are common questions that all employers ask: What do you expect from this job? What motivates you? Where do you see yourself in x years after you join this company? Ask stock questions and you’ll get stock answers. AHS sales hiring course will show you which questions are worth asking, as well as how to ask them.

To get better sales people on your team, try to improve the hiring system you use. You’ll notice remarkable improvements in sales, as well as in company reputation. Advanced Hiring Systems sales course is exactly what you need.