Client question on reading the graphs and my response below

Hi Alan:

 What do I do if the profile falls outside of the sweet spot?

 Can you send me something to help me understand what I am looking at in the charts below?

 Does it give me any information regarding if they would be good at inside vs outside sales


 The Natural style is who the applicant is deep down inside
The Adapted style is who they see themselves needing to behave like in order to do the job effectively

Ideally both the Natural and Adapted are close together and match the model (three outside rings right hand side of the wheel)
Data supports the view that a wide disparity between the two styles will predict short job tenure.

There is also a view that if the applicant has never done the job before the weighting should be heavier on the Natural because the Adapted will shift. I am not necessarily of that camp unless the applicant is young where they have minimal life experience.