How can having a sales hiring tool save you time and money? If you're a business owner or a sales manager, you know how hard it is to find and hire salespeople who can sell anything. You've probably wasted a lot of time and money on hiring the wrong people, who either quit, get fired, or fail to produce results.

You're not alone. According to a study by Harvard Business Review, 50% of all sales hires turn out to be a mistake within 18 months. And by year five, all but 7% are still onboard. That's a huge cost for your business, not to mention the lost opportunities and frustrated customers.

So how can you avoid this costly mistake and hire salespeople who can sell anything? How can you build a sales team that can generate consistent revenue and grow your business?

The answer is simple: use a system approach to hiring salespeople –

A cloud-ba­­­sed platform sales hiring tool gives you a way to make sense of the flood of applicants you get from online jobs boards. Most candidates from job boards are useless. It’s hard to identify the good candidates from the bad one by looking at resumes and job experience.

You need a tool that helps you hire salespeople who can sell anything with ease and confidence. One that uses artificial intelligence and behavioral science to analyze your sales data and create a customized sales profile for your business. Then, it should help you attract and evaluate candidates based on that profile.

Look for a platform that has four main features:

– Sales Profile: A well-designed sales hiring tool creates a unique sales profile for your business based on your sales data, industry, and goals. It identifies the key traits and skills that make a successful salesperson in your niche.

– Sales Job: A sales hiring system helps you craft a compelling sales job description and posting that attracts the right candidates. It also helps you distribute your job to multiple job boards and social media platforms with one click.

– Sales Test: A scientific sales hiring system should have two tests. One to test the candidates' values and another to test their personality and deeply-held attitude toward persuasion. These two profiles measure their sales aptitude, motivation, resilience, and communication style. It also gives you a score and a report for each candidate. This should happen automatically, so you don’t have to wade through pages of reports. Yes or no? Should I invest time in an interview or not.

– Sales Interview: Finally, your sales hiring tool helps you conduct a structured and objective sales interview with the candidates. It provides you with a list of behavioral questions and scenarios that probe the candidates' sales abilities and fit. It also helps you score and compare the candidates.

With Advanced Hiring System, you can hire salespeople who can sell anything in four easy steps:

– Step 1: Create your sales profile.

– Step 2: Post your sales job.

– Step 3: Test your candidates.

– Step 4: Interview your candidates.

Advanced Hiring System is the ultimate sales hiring platform for any business that wants to grow its sales. It's fast, easy, and affordable. You can book a free Sales Hiring Strategy Session to review what you’re currently doing and see for yourself how having access to the system can transform your sales hiring process.

If you want to learn more about how to hire salespeople who can sell anything with Advanced Hiring System, visit today and sign up for free a Sales Hiring Strategy Session.


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