Embrace the Art of Sales Hiring

"Sales hiring is the single most profitable improvement you can make to your sales program," Alan Fendrich, the creator of Advanced Hiring System, once remarked. While [hiring sales people](https://www.pipedrive.com/en/blog/hiring-sales-people) may seem like a simple process on the surface, the underlying mechanics involve numerous factors that need to be fine-tuned for optimal results.

The Advanced Hiring System embraces a philosophy that transcends the traditional approach to hiring. Instead of looking at a candidate's resume or conducting an interview with preset questions, it seeks to tap into the candidate's sales personality. This means understanding the candidate's motivations, their methods, and their mindset towards selling.

Let's delve into the components of this system that can guide you in recruiting a sales team that embodies your company's ethos, enhances your brand reputation, and boosts your bottom line.

1. Sales Personality Testing

The sales personality test is a critical component of the Advanced Hiring System. While most hiring procedures look at past achievements and experiences, this method gets under the hood. It identifies the candidate's natural selling style and uncovers hidden qualities that can significantly impact sales performance.

"Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions and a healthy dose of curiosity." – Richard Branson

2. Sales Skills Testing

Sales isn't just about charisma and communication. It's about the application of specific skills and techniques, some of which can be measured and tested. The Advanced Hiring System uses a sales skills test to evaluate a candidate's ability to close a sale, handle objections, and maintain customer relationships.

These tests are not just for new hires, they are equally important when considering internal promotions. Giving an existing team member a new role without evaluating their fit can lead to unwanted complications down the line.

3. Systematizing Your Hiring Process

A structured, systematic hiring process can improve your chances of landing the right candidate. The Advanced Hiring System encourages recruiters to develop a system that suits their unique requirements. Such an approach can ensure consistency, fairness, and effectiveness in the hiring process.

By incorporating these components into your hiring procedure, you can move beyond the standard trial-and-error approach. Instead, you'll be able to consistently recruit a sales team that is a perfect fit for your company's culture and objectives.

Hiring salespeople doesn't have to be a hit-or-miss affair. By leveraging the Advanced Hiring System, you can turn this complex task into a strategic maneuver.

In the next section of this article, we will explore how to adapt these methods to the evolving remote landscape, following the insights from Sales Assembly (https://www.salesassembly.c om/blog/playbooks/recruiting-salespeople-how-to-discover-and-attract-top-talent-in-an-evolving-remote-landscape/)and The Hartford (https://www.thehartford.com/business-insurance/strategy/sales-team/recruiting-sales-representative). We'll also discuss how to foster team cohesion and how to maintain motivation among remote sales teams. Stay tuned!

Advanced Hiring System offers a free Scientific Sales Hiring Strategy Session where we’ll look at your current sales hiring strategy and recommend changes to improve your results.


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