Video Rant #1

You know what I hear a lot from sales managers? They tell me they’ve had a stable sales team for YEARS.

And you know what I think when I hear THAT? “Does this guy have ANY IDEA he’s got ZERO account innovation going on?”

I guarantee you, a stable sales team means that a HUGE percentage of your sales team members are calling on the SAME prospects and clients, month after month after month. There is a WAY bigger potential market out there for your company. But unfortunately, NOBODY on your team is touching it!

Thirty years ago, I started a company called Radio Profits Corporation. I had a lot of experience inside radio sales departments at several radio stations. And every place I had worked, I saw radio salespeople calling on the SAME ACCOUNTS, month in and month out.

You know what that means? EVERYBODY in sales was just staying in their comfort zone. NOBODY was actually prospecting, because prospecting is a lot of work!

So I created Radio Profits Corporation to call on non-traditional advertisers who were looking for new business.

And of course, we found a TON of them, over and over and over.

The point is NOT what we did at Radio Profits. The point is that the MOMENT a sales manager stops bringing in aggressive NEW salespeople, you START creating a stale culture.

You have a vast market of potential NEW clients out there. But your stable sales team will ALWAYS tend to stay in their comfort zone. And the hard work of prospecting is NOT in that comfort zone.

The ONLY way to bring in a consistent stream of NEW business every month is to build a system to bring in a constant flow of aggressive new salespeople. THOSE people will go out and bring in that new business for you.

Your smartest and most profitable next step is to use Advanced Hiring System to help you set up a system to consistently boost your sales team with NEW superstars.

This is Alan Fendrich at Advanced Hiring System. Give me a call.