Better Sales – Managing Different Styles – High-I

The I score is about ability to communicate with others. Top salespeople nearly always are High-I.

High-I salespeople haveFamous High-I Robin Williams the ability to adjust their communication to match the  style of the person they are communicating with. (Although it doesn’t mean that the High-I can speak French to a Frenchman, but if they can’t speak French they’ll figure out how to get their message through despite the language deficit.)

In the hiring process, it is key to make sure that the applicant is not only a High-I because that alone will not make a good salesperson. Many sales managers have been fooled into thinking that just because the applicant is a good communicator High-I, that is all that is needed to be a good salesperson – and it simply is not so! The results from the ValuesMatrix™ are critical here. (See the AHS Member Area for more information on this critical distinction.)

High-I’s are fun to be around. The High-I is great at ad-libbing. The High-I is optimistic by nature. They believe the impossible can be done. .They are charming and charismatic.

High-I’s need to be liked. They, as well like, to like others –usually they are fairly non-discriminating here. This can cause them to trust others where trust is not warranted.

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