How to Hire Employees – The One Question You Must Answer in a Sales Hiring Interview

At some point in most sales interviews most interviewers make a fatal mistake and ask something like, “Tell me a little about yourself…”

One question for a sales hiring interview

At that point the interviewer has given the interviewee permission to take control of the interview. In 99% of the cases the interviewer has lost control of the interview from that point.

The applicant is now taking the interviewer on a “word spinning ride.”

Unfortunately most interviewers think this is a good thing — watching the applicant spin a web of words.

I am here to tell you it is not a good thing – or more specifically it doesn’t mean much of anything.

Amateur interviewers think they are seeing “how the applicant was so convincing in the interview. So articulate. So charming, so professional, so, so so…”

In reality sales hiring interviews like this are a waste of time for one simple reason – the interviewer has not clearly thought through what really needs to happen in the interview.

Seeing if someone can persuasively spin words is only one aspect of what is required to be a successful salesperson.

Yes, true, salespeople need to be persuasive, but being persuasive is only one part of the job. In 99% of the cases you can do this with a sales assessment we call the StylesMatrix(TM). You get a more accurate reading from using theStylesMatrix(TM). .

So what is the one thing? I believe the real “meat” of selling success, is how they are going to meet roadblocks, discouragement and dead ends.

Selling is about keep on keeping on when things are not going the way you want them to go.

In the sales hiring interview, the one question you want to get answered is whether the applicant has follow-through, stick-to-itiveness and the ability to overcome adversity. That is the one question that you need to determine in the interview.

Advanced Hiring System has developed an entire system to help you hire salespeople who really can succeed. Interviewing your sales applicant well is a key part of hiring sales applicants who can sell after they get hired.

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