A nobody from nowhere, Bill Clinton, beat the sitting President George Bush Sr by focusing on what was important to voters.

“The Economy, stupid” did it.

In hiring great salespeople the equivalent is “The Money, stupid.”Help wanted

Yet, look in Careerbuilder.com under Sales and the first 5 ads offer no money for the tough work of sales.

Seriously, is there a salesperson worth anything who would go to work without at least the promise of a chance at $100,000 minimum?  A salesperson who will accept less than an opportunity to make $100K will never sell squat.

One more thing…its important

When talking about the money in the ad “$50.000- $100,000” sounds like BS.  It’s too vague. Instead use “Last year our top rep earned $122,233 in commission on top of his salary.” It is much more authoritative and real.

Oh, and Advanced Hiring System wants you to know that Careerbuilder is a registered trademark and AHS claims no rights to the name… Too, our data shows there are better places to advertise a sales job than Careerbuilder.