Yanik Silver, the Internet Marketing Guru was interviewed in Forbes this month.Yanik

Yanik talks about hiring Millennials. He says Millennials, “are going to take jobs that may or may not pay them as much. They want “a mission or a cause, because they want to make a difference.”

Yanik is right for most positions in an organization…

With one HUGE exception: sales positions.

Salespeople who are successful are still motivated by the same practical values. Think about it, do your best salespeople want to save the whales or make a lot of money? Top salespeople wake up asking themselves how they can have greater control of their environment.

Millennials SmallOur data shows sales hires who are not money or power motivated will stall and top out early.  Salespeople must be High Practicals we base this on data from our 2000 clients and 16 years of experience successfully picking salespeople.

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