Last week I made a regularly scheduled Advanced Hiring service call to a General Manager of a radio station client. He told me he had fired a candidate he had run through the System.

I wasn’t surprised in the least…

monkeyIt had been three months ago, when the Business Manager of the station and I were talking. We were reviewing the results of the tests of candidates who had applied for an opening as Traffic Manager. (This is the position that handles all the details of making sure the ads are scheduled properly. It is very detail-oriented. It requires a Style Analysis profile that is nearly the OPPOSITE of a sales profile.)

We had already found some good applicants who were in the interview process. However, a new test had been run on a candidate who was particularly suited for the position of Traffic Manager.

When I asked what was being done about this applicant, the Business Manager said, “Oh the General Manager hired her for sales.”

I was flabbergasted. “What! Please tell me you’re joking,” I said.

“No. Our General Manager is really confident in his ability to train people.”

“Yes.” I said, “But she is the exact opposite of what she needs to be to succeed. Please, this is a joke right?”

She assured me the candidate had, in fact, been hired for sales.

I asked to be the GM’s office and got his voice mail. I left a frantic message, “please call me before you waste your time and money.”

Last Friday the General Manager acknowledged that hiring the candidate had been a mistake. He had wasted his time, the hire’s time and of course, thousands of dollars in salary, benefits and training.

Scientific Hiring is not something you can take or leave.

The Validity Study shows when you hire the wrong personality type they will fail 95% of the time.

The Advanced Hiring System is not a nice theory — it is based on Scientifically validated research. As you use the system to hire salespeople, you’ll find your staff will improve. You’ll have less turnover and more productive team members.

We’re looking forward to working with your company to help you improve your sales hiring.