Sales Trainer, speaker and all around super sales stud, Jill Konrath’s recent blog post “I Sell #Like a Girl – and I’m Proud of It!” ended up in my inbox yesterday.

Jill and I have had a couple of brief conversations over the years. I like her stuff.

Selling #LikeAGirl vs Sales Studs – Is There A Difference?

She’s innovative, tenacious, consistent and committed — all the qualities that make for being a superstar salesperson.

Jill wants to claim in her article that women and men sell differently. I, respectfully, don’t buy it.

I’ve been studying salespeople for nearly 40 years now.

I started in radio.

Broadcasting is unique.

For 50 years the Federal Communications Commission has required stations demonstrate their hiring be race, creed, gender and orientation blind. There’s a special department in Washington of government bureaucrats who wreak havoc on any broadcaster that discriminates.

There are a lot very powerful women who’ve succeeded in radio. I’ve had quite a number of them as clients through the years.

When I ran my company Radio Profits Corporation I’d make a point to travel to visit with our client managers.

One thing I learned very quickly was that being a top performing woman had nothing to do with facial characteristics or body type.

These top performing women had stick-to-it-ive-ness, follow-through, and the ability to overcome adversity.

They have the values and personality characteristics of winning salespeople. Regardless of whether they’re boys or girls, they won’t succeed without these internal drivers.