It’s possible to hire sales people who will outperform your average employees without using any complicated hiring procedure that’s costly to implement. Advanced Hiring System shows you how. All you have to do is change your sales hire system.

Why Do Your Hire Sales People?

You probably want more sales. Who doesn’t? But you have to ask yourself a few other critical questions before starting to accept job applications.

  • What salesperson do I want to hire? What qualities am I looking for in him or her?
  • What makes a good salesperson? Do I have any success stories in my company that I could take as model?
  • How much can I pay my best salespersons? Can I afford to hire the top performers? Will they be content with what I can offer them? Why would they prefer to work with me and not my competitors?

It’s important to have answers to all these questions before you hire sales people, if you expect to make your hiring process more effective, and so reach to the top performers out there.

The DISC Assessment

DISC is a behavioral model based on the work of psychologist William Marston. It’s the most used business personality assessment model, and many will say that it’s the best.

You have probably used the DISC assessment already when hiring sales people – almost all sales managers do. Advanced Hiring System relies on the DISC model, but expands on it, making it an even more effective personality assessment that will help you hire sales people who outperform your existing sales department employees.

What Makes a Good Salesperson?

The right values and the right personality. While every salesperson is ultimately unique, there’s one thing that all salespersons have in common: a drive for money and power. That’s why, using the DISC model, you want to find and then interview those applicants who have a strong tendency for money and power.

But that’s not all. To hire sales people who will outperform the rest you have to compare your applicants’ personality with that of proven top salespersons. In this way you can spot those few applicants who have the most potential, and who you really want to interview. When comparing personality styles, you really want to look at the graphs, which provide the most conclusive evidence.

Advanced Hiring System

Advanced Hiring System proposes a simple method to compare personality styles quickly and effectively, so that the application screening process, with its search for the top performers, will go smoothly, even when you have to deal with many candidates.

The system includes styles analysis graphs, as well as the success insight wheel. To learn why candidates who score in the conductor and promoter areas of the wheel are good, and why those who score in the persuader area are great, check the Advanced Hiring System sales hiring course.

To hire sales people who will surpass your expectations you need to use the right hiring system. Great candidates are always there, the tricky part is to identify them. And Advanced Hiring System does just that – with it the sales hire process becomes a lot easier, and much more effective.