You know what it’s like. You meet them and after less than 10 minutes you know it – they’re the killer you are looking for.

So what happened to them after you brought them on board? Why did they fail so bad at doing what you told them would work to sell your product or service?

I am a sales guy, sales manager, company owner and entrepreneur. And for 20 years I’ve studied the sales hiring process because that is where the money in any business is.

Do you want to know why your “super pick” – destined for sales greatness, screw up so bad?

It’s not your fault, but your process for hiring salespeople is no process at all. It’s one step above the fog the mirror method of sales hiring. Gut feel ends up too often to be a pain in the gut.

Because in truth all people have so much going on beneath the surface. And if you don’t get a way of figuring out who your sales applicants REALLY are, you will hire too many duds.

And what’s worse is today, finding out who they really are, is so easy that not doing it is just dumb.

I discovered this fact 20 years ago and back then it was hard. There was no internet, there were very few computers. But I had 200 salespeople and the losers were costing me a fortune.

To find out how easy it is click here. We’ve created a free online tool that you can use. My CFO says we should lock this tool away in our Member Area, so do it today before he has his way.