Sales Hiring Tips: Blogging About What Most Sales Managers Don’t Want to Face

Hello there, I’m the guy that reminds sales manager’s about that lousy hire they left sitting over there at the corner desk. And I don’t believe that any amount of training is going to make a difference for them or for you.

I’ve found too many sales managers don’t want to face their need to get better at sales hiring. They just figure their next one is going to be a good one. But the sad reality is that only one out of 4 sales hires is great. image

I’ve spent my life in sales and, darn it all, getting sales managers to do a better job hiring salespeople is critical.

Bad salespeople who should never have been hired are a lose-lose-lose. The bad hire loses, your company loses reputation and the customer loses an opportunity to buy your great product.

My friend Art Sobczak at Business by Phone periodically blogs a horrible telephone sales call  that he receives. Art is the undisputed master of telesales training, so his critiques are worth learning from. But when I listen to those calls he is critiquing, my reaction “who hired that moron them and why haven’t they fired them yet?”

Take some time around here reading the posts. It’s an education in good sales hiring strategies. Heck, if you’ve got a question, pick up the phone and call us or send us a message.

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