Having a sales hiring system means, you have a system for sales hiring. A system is a system because the steps of the system have been tested and measured. Each step has been optimized in terms of time and result.

The Advanced Hiring System is not about tests. It is about following the steps of the System.

Evaluate smallBecause other profile vendors often just sell tests – I can rely on getting a call every week that Vendor X’s tests just didn’t take care of helping them hire a good salesperson.

Not surprising. Any company that claims that their test is a super secret to hiring well has either invented something I’ve never seen in sixteen years or is attempting to mislead the market.

Tests are important, no doubt, in hiring top sales performers. I wouldn’t interview a sales applicant without seeing both of the tests: ValuesMatrix™ and StylesMatrix™.

However before the test, I’d make sure that my Ad was written according to the formula in the AHS Ad-Writing Module and it was running in a place that matched the formula in the AHS Ad-Placement Module.

Most important, I’d make sure to get at least 3 applicants to pass both the ValuesMatrix™ and StylesMatrix™.

Finally, I’d interview each of those applicants 4 times using the script in the AHS 4-Part Interview Module. I’d grade the answers each applicant gave me, tally the scores and hire the one who scored the best.

Following that system I know I am most likely to hire a stud. Conversely if I take shortcuts in the steps I know I am relying on gut feel. Art Sobczak at Business by Phone says, “Gut feel hiring usually just gives you a pain the gut.”