A recent client email message said, “Alan, we’ve had 20 applicants apply and NONE have passed the second profile.”

We’ve been testing and tweaking the system for nearly 16 years now… We have a huge database of what works in sales hiring. Clients who’s results don’t match our model get my attention.

We know that out of 20 applicants, 10 should have passed ValuesMatrix™ and of those 10, 3 should have passed StylesMatrix™.

I responded in an email “XXXX, let’s talk. Something is not right. Let’s set up a meeting to go over those results.”

We recently had a health issue with my wife.  After 37 years of marriage I’ve got her “broken in” just the way I love her. So I went along to a series of doctor’s appointments.

Friends, MD’s and humble Sales Hiring Wizards follow the same procedure. MD’s have a series of diagnostic steps to arrive at the problem.

The AHS Sales Hiring System is, well… a System.

Here are the steps:

Simple Sales Hiring System

If something is not right then, somewhere along the line someone changed a step.

Like going to the MD who says, “Take the medicine 3 times a day for 10 days.” But you decide you can’t be bothered to do it that way. So you make up your own schedule.

Same thing in sales hiring… you must follow the system to get the expected results.

As it turns out the client skipped Step 1… They decided to use the ad they like, not the ad we recommend.

Each step in the AHS System is designed to get maximum results for minimum effort. Skip a step and you’re not going to feel very good about hiring salespeople.