Video Rant #7 You Are Doing Step #1 of Sales Hiring Absolutely WRONG!

If you’re over 45 and you started in sales management, you’ve hired salespeople. What are your initial thoughts when somebody you hired walks in and tells you they’re leaving?

First thought, for many, is to flash back to the good old days where we’d put sales help wanted ads in the local newspaper. Or maybe you’re a multinational global company. So you advertise in the Help Wanteds in the New York Sunday Times’ Business section. And you know for SURE that for most advertising options, the number of salesperson leads you’ll get is limited.

So, the Sunday New York Times business section help wanteds. That’s where I first applied for a job. Back then, you applied everywhere you could. You typed a cover letter, mailed your resume to everybody.

I think that’s the model that managers still have in mind when they look to hire a salesperson. You KNOW you have limited leads. Maybe if you’re super clever, you can buy access to resumes…

Your plan is to spend YOUR precious time with the few leads you get to be sure you pick the right one. And is EXACTLY the wrong direction.

Very intelligent people don’t get our Advanced Hiring System. You know why? Because they’re thinking, “What do I need that for? I’ll just interview them.”

Most sales managers, especially older ones, just don’t really understand why or how publicizing your job opening has changed so radically. That ad you place these days has WAY more competition from a gazillion other companies trying to find people who can really sell, all because of that interwebby thing. The days of one ad in the New York Times Business section are gone forever.

Remember, selling is a unique set of mental strategies that 85% of the population cannot do AT ALL. And only 3% of the population do it really well. Whether you sell, cellphones, cable, water treatment, insurance, whatever – it doesn’t matter. You’re competing for a VERY limited pool of special applicants. If you don’t make your ad BETTER than everybody else’s ads, then you’ll just get a bunch of second-stringers to apply. And then you’ll wonder why your sales team is so mediocre.

Anybody who’s ever had a successful business, anybody who’s ever had great salespeople working with them KNOWS it’s those GREAT salespeople who really move the needle. Most of your sales team just stays in their comfort zone. They get mediocre results, and they accept it. GREAT salespeople look at selling like a Rubik’s Cube. They try every approach necessary, until they finally solve it.

But most of the people YOU hire never really try to figure out where the prospects are that could really benefit from your product or service. They don’t focus on finding GREAT prospects that nobody is really calling on. ONLY the 3-percenters do THAT. And those guys may not even be in sales right now. But THOSE are the guys who will boom your business.

They say there are 600 million people on Facebook at this moment. If that’s right, then 3% of 600 million is 18 million people. That’s 18 million people who would pass our testing, with the likelihood of becoming your #1 salesperson. Just one or two of those guys would TOTALLY turn your business around. So how do you get THOSE PEOPLE to pay attention to your offer?

It all comes down to … how do you articulate in your ad that THIS is the real deal? How do you describe your opportunity in the most favorable light? MOST ads, it’s like they try to limit the number of applicants, so they don’t have to process so many. They look at LinkedIn profiles or résumés to figure out who to invest their recruitment time with. They don’t want too many applicants, because THAT would be a real pain in the butt.

100% WRONG STRATEGY!!! You need a SYSTEM to screen applicants on the FRONT end, so you don’t have to do it manually. And #1 in your system is to write an ad that sells YOUR opportunity to the personality style YOU want to hire.

We’ve put together our Big Book of Job Ads. It’s dozens and dozens of actual ads our clients have used to find and hire super salespeople. What a copy? Give me a call. I’m Alan Fendrich.