Never take your sales recruiting skills for granted.  And never assume you’ve got all the answers until you get some sales hiring training under your belt.  Hiring mistakes can begin before the applicant is even in front of you for the first time.  If your old sales hiring habits keep creating stagnant (or worse) sales results, let these quick tips help steer you back on the right path.


1.       Start with Enticing Job Postings and Advertising


You’re actually starting the sales applicant screening process the moment your job listings are posted.  Writing enticing job ads is the first step for attracting top performing sales people to your company.  Save time and money on the hiring process by getting the right people in the interview chair.


2.       Never Underestimate the Power of a Great Headline


What makes a good salesman want to find out more about the job you’re offering? A great attention-grabbing headline.  Use specific details about the job benefits, when possible. Entice them in a headline that lays out exactly how much money they could make at your company in the first year or two.  For example, your headline might read “If You Don’t Want to Make Six Figures or More, You Need Not Apply.” Always be truthful with your headlines and ad content, but bring the most enticing details forward.


3.       Use Important Key Words to Attract the Right Applicants


If you want to know how to hire employees with great sales skills, appeal to the skills they feel they already  have and you need them to have. Use key words like independent, strong-willed and persuasive in your job candidate requirements. Top salespeople want to be where those traits are rewarded.  The role of sales recruiting gets much easier when you appeal to sales professional egos in this way.


4.       Learn that What Makes a Good Salesman Might Be a Surprising Discovery


Don’t just depend on your skills regarding how to take interview questions. Successful sales recruiting requires more. Use sales assessment testing to determine each sales candidate’s values and sales personalities. See this section in the AHS Sales Hiring Course for more details.


5.       Know How to Take Interview Questions like a Hiring Expert


Vary the kinds of questions you ask in each interview. Ask your applicants to answer fully and creatively to resolve sales challenges they might face. The AHS Sales Hiring Course interview model is easy and comprehensive. The questions are already provided for your convenience.


6.       Be Professional.  Be Fair. And Be Quiet.


Sometimes how to hire employees with the traits you need requires more than just the right process. Be professional in all communication. Be fair by using the same testing and interview questions with every applicant.  And let the applicant do most of the talking.  This is their time to shine and your time to make note of whether or not they can.


7.       How to Hire Employees with Top Sales Potential Starts With You


Think successful sales recruiting depends solely on the quality of sales applicants? Think again. Going about sales recruiting the proper and professional way has a huge impact on your hiring success.


These tips can enhance your sales hiring skills by leaps and bounds, providing your company with the support needed for better sales. To be truly great at sales recruiting, use the comprehensive information provided by the AHS Sales Hiring Course.