There’s no sales personality test to make a military veteran’s transition from military life to civilian life easy. Fortunately, returning from a war zone isn’t as difficult now as it was in the Viet Nam era, when soldiers were treated with hostility and protest demonstrations. Now, at least, our military men are recognized and appreciated by the citizens of the country they risked their lives to protect. That is, until they try to find a job.

Maybe you’ve been hearing or reading about the current unemployment situation with veterans.  Some authorities have proclaimed it a crisis, with the hiring rate for former members of the military—many of them heroes—much lower than the rate for non-military job seekers. Employers give many reasons for not considering veterans; the job skills don’t translate to civilian life, the stigma of physical or psychological disabilities of returning vets. Most of these reasons are just excuses, but any doubts can easily be erased with a sales personality test.

If you’re one of the sales hiring managers who has been reluctant to hire a veteran for whatever reason, you can have confidence that the sales personality test that the Advanced Hiring System provides for all your recruiting will identify a great salesman, whether he’s a vet or a civilian.

Consider the qualifications that veterans bring to the table: they served in the military because they had a mission to protect their country and be a part of something great. Just the fact that they got out of bed every day and did whatever was needed, even in the most stressful conditions (or boring conditions—military life covers both extremes) shows a level of commitment that any company would covet.

If you’ve ever had attitude problems with new hires because they didn’t enjoy your training process, you can rest assured that veterans appreciate the training you give them and will respect the process.  After all, while they were in the service, they had to undergo rapid-fire training sessions to learn about all the aspects of their jobs. If they got lazy or disinterested, it meant they could lose their lives. The learning curve had to be pretty steep to get everything in in such a short amount of time.

Another quality that sales hiring managers look for is adaptability. Think about all the challenges veterans have faced: being taken away from home, friends, and family; learning to live in different environments; being placed in situations that were previously unthinkable; having to make split-second decisions without the luxury of thought; and the list could go on and on. If a veteran was able to prevail over the hardships imposed by military service, isn’t it logical that he will find the challenges of selling more like child’s play?

To find out if a veteran has what it takes to work as a salesman for you, you only need to see how he scores on a sales personality test. There is a great deal more that can be said about the wisdom of considering our veterans as viable candidates for employment, but the deputy undersecretary for economic opportunity in the Department of Veterans’ Affairs says it best: “Don’t hire a veteran because it makes you feel good, hire a veteran because it makes good business sense.”