Most companies have one thing in common when they hire salespeople.

The Number One tool they use to screen sales applicants is…

The résumé or LinkedIn profile

Have you been burned enough times yet by the Perfect Résumé or LinkedIn profile?

You’ve probably realized that most sales applicants are a COMPLETE waste of time.

They all have the same problem. They cannot sell. No matter what their LinkedIn profle says.

A few years ago, the CEO of Yahoo! was forced to resign… After it was discovered that his résumé was full of… A bunch of jobs he never did… And a bunch of schooling he never had.


You've almost certainly seen stories about famous résumé cheats.

It’s pretty standard for job-seekers to fake… Their education, their experience, their skills, and their references.

So choosing who you interview based on their résumé means…You are probably using a couple pages of BS as your first step in hiring… the one person who is MOST responsible for creating your company income.

Not long ago, we were called in to help a large publicly traded religious broadcaster. This stations had good listener ratings. Very popular stations. But their sales were weak.

We analyzed their sales hiring practices. They hired salespeople 100% based on résumés, LinkedIn profiles and interviews. They ONLY interviewed and hired salespeople… whose résumé showed they were fired up with the station's religious mission.

But we know that the BEST salespeople are MOST motivated… By MONEY and/or POWER.

Religious views are not a significant factor in sales success.

Sales is about making sales. It's hard work. If your applicant is not motivated by the right things for sales… Then when the hard part comes (and it will)…

… They fade and stop doing the hard work. They have to deal with rejection time after time after time. To keep making calls, they have to REALLY want that money!

When their highest values don't match those of proven top sales performers… That is a BIG problem for you.


Start using a values-based assessment to screen applicants. Stop wasting your time on applicants with beautiful résumés…Who are not money-motivated and who cannot sell.

If you're not getting the right kinds of salespeople on your team we've created a quick survey that will help you get it right.

The quiz will take you less than a minute to complete. It will help you laser in on what's keeping you from hiring the best salespeople.

Its our gift to sales managers who want a simple easy formula for hiring quality salespeople. Just click the link and you'll be taken to the short survey.

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