A sales personality test helps you differentiate good salesmen from bad ones, quickly and effectively. For this reason, it’s important that you carry out one when screening applicants for a new opening.

Here’s a brief overview of how to hire salespeople by carrying out a personality test, as shown in the Advanced Hiring System sales hiring course.

Assessing Business Personality

There are several business personality assessment models out there, but AHS believes that Marston’s DISC model is the most reliable of them, and consequently uses it as the basis for its sales personality test.

In brief, the DISC model assumes that human personality is the result of the interaction between four distinct yet closely-related factors: drive, influence, steadiness, and compliance. Understanding each of these factors is crucial when giving a sales personality test, which is why AHS provides a concise overview of what each means.

On top of the four aspects noted above, there are two other aspects relevant to sales managers looking to hire good salesmen: natural style and adapted style, both of which are covered by the proposed model. AHS proposes a highly-effective personality test which takes for its foundation all the aspects and factors noted above, to ensure accurate results.

AHS believes that when using recruitment management software it’s preferable to stick to the DISC model for personality testing, to get the best results.

The Reliability of Business Personality Assessment

Assessing business personality is a technique long used by companies to find the right professionals for the job. And it works. There are huge amounts of data out there that support it, and that should encourage you to use it as well.

A sales personality test, like the one proposed by AHS, is the ideal solution if you want to screen job applicants quickly and effectively. And because of the way it is conceived, the assessments are always highly accurate and cannot be blamed on pressure or any other like factors. That means that in the end, you always succeed in identifying the right people for the job.

Ultimately, regardless of the recruitment management software you use, conducting a sales personality test is essential to hire the best salespersons for your company.

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