Does the AHS System really work?

Here’s a story I love to tell about how a Tire Changer was selected by the Advanced Hiring System — and how he lead our client’s sales department in new business development.

Erica M is a sales manager in San Francisco at a radio station. She had been a client for a number of years. She knew the system and had used it successfully for over two years.

One day I got a message from her, “Call me immediately. I need to talk.” I returned her call (our clients get unlimited real time access to a real person) and she asked me to look at applicant Jose R.

He profiled well. He had good values. And a good personality style. In fact, he graphed perfectly according to Advanced Hiring System standards.

I asked her if she had interviewed the applicant.

“Yes, I’ve interviewed him using the AHS 4-Part Interview Module.” She said, “He interviews well. Highly motivated, articulate. He’s accomplished quite a lot, given his situation”

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

It turns out that Jose R is a young man who married very young. And, given that he married young, he took the first job he could find to support his family…

Busting tires in the back of tire store. He had earned his GED in the evenings.

When Jose heard the ad on the radio station looking for salespeople he applied. Although he scored well on the profiles we use in the Advanced Hiring System, Jose wasn’t the kind of applicant a sales manager expects to hire.

Erica is located in California. Unemployment premimums are killer and she was extremely cautious. Too, Jose was rough he lacked grooming skills, which count in salesmanship.

In talking with her, since he had done so well in the Advanced Hiring System evaluation, I suggested she use some sort of trainee position for a period of 45 days.

At the end of the period if he had demonstrated ability, she would switch him to sales.

The story has a very happy ending. Six months later he led her sales department in new business development the following year he was overall top biller.

He was a natural salesperson who just needed to be discovered. There are people who have the ability to sell but they’ve never applied because their resume doesn’t have sales experience.

Stay turned to find out what makes Jose tick and how if you think “people don’t want to work today” you might be just going about it wrong.

Stay tuned in the next section I’m going to show you how to find applicants to apply for your sales position who are highly motivated.