It amazes me that so many sales managers think they can wing it in a hiring interview and get a quality salesperson.

Will not happen.

If you’re not prepared with the right attitude and the right questions you will waste your time and waste the applicants’ and only if you get darn lucky will you hire a quality performer.

Just because the applicant passed our profiles and has years of experience in you industry does not mean you hire them.

Yeah they definitely have the heart in the blood of a salesperson if they passed both AHS profiles: CORE Values and CORE Styles, but heart and blood don’t mean much if they won’t take consistent directed action.

Your purpose in the interviews to find out about that.

You can screen them like crazy, spot the faker and sales wannabes and get rid of those people right off the bat, but if your interview is weak you’re still going to end up with a team full of duds.

Our Advanced Hiring System FST Intelligence Interview Sequence is where you find out whether your application has taken their powerful talents and actually achieved something.

Most people squander their natural Talent. This is the norm. Thoreau said “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” I say, the sales personality is more likely than others to squander their talents and skills.

Selling is hard work, good salespeople who work hard use their natural talents to put themselves in situations to find business.

Weak salespeople use their natural talents to sell you in the interview and after they are hired they’ll continue to do it –selling you on how hard they’re working.

You’ve seen in before dozens of times it you’ve been a sales manager for a while.

Our Advanced Hiring System FST Intelligence Interview Sequence requires 3 to 4 separate interviews. People say, 3-4 interviews that’s crazy. No it’s not crazy.

You’ve got to outlast them.

Interview 1 is a throw away. They’ve got their guard up. Interview 2 you still don’t get high quality information. But by the third and fourth interview the applicant tells you things they only share with people that they have a relationship with.

Your goal is to discover whether they have stick to it ness, follow through and the ability to overcome adversity.

Can handle setbacks? The good news is you can keep those three to four interviews to a total of 2 hours if you do all four.

Most interviewers waste time with stupid questions like “Tell me about yourself? or “It says on your resume you hit 200% of quota at XYZ Companny.”

Don’t waste your time. Ask questions that are in the Advanced Hiring System FST Intelligence Interview Sequence. Be friendly but don’t sell. You just want the facts.

And that’s how you hire quality salespeople who’ll pick up the phone and do they work.

We’ve put together a short quiz that helps Sales Managers figure out the best way to hire quality salespeople. Click the button and take the short survey. It will take you less than a minute to complete. And based on the average deal size we’ll give you our recommendations on the best way to hire salespeople who do the work. Go ahead and click the button now and see for yourself what we’d recommend you do to hire quality sellers,


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