Welcome to the Advanced Hiring System E-course.

If you’re looking to avoid the pain that comes from hiring dud salespeople and instead to hire salespeople who really can sell This E-course is for you. In fact, if you follow the steps in this E-course you’re going to find your ability to not get fooled into hiring losers is going to change forever.

I learned how to hire salespeople when I had a sales team of 200 salespeople. Through a lot of good luck thinking up a hot product in the mid-1990’s my company found itself in the position to drastically build our sales team.

As a sales manager, I had experience hiring 10-15 salespeople. Now I was to hire 100 salespeople a year! By the end of the second year we had 200 salespeople on staff. Great for growth.

Except our top 40 salespeople were producing four-fifths of our revenue. The 80/20 rule was hurting our ability to be profitable 160 of our 200 salespeople were weak, we were constantly in danger of turning them over at any minute.

Looking at the production numbers we asked.
What was it about these top 40 salespeople that made them unique?
What was it they held as valuable?
What was it in their personalities that made them great salespeople?

I became a man with a mission. I needed to figure out why those few good salespeople produced, while most sales hires failed. A retired accountant forced me to think analytically. He helped me realize that if I could figure out what made these 40 top-performers effective I would increase our revenue — better sales hiring is more valuable than any training, packaging or better leads.

Because I had a large sales team I was able to test and compare hiring strategies. I figured out what I call the 6 Basic Rules of Sales Hiring.

In 2003 I sold that company and retired for six months long enough to realize I didn’t want to retire after all. Since then I’ve helped nearly 1000 managers learn the system I developed. I created this E-course to show sales managers who are fed up not being to hire salespeople with more confidence. It’s free and there’s nothing held back

There is no perfect way to select salespeople but there are better ways than most do it.

Do you review a bunch of resumes (or LinkedIn profiles)?
Sort for previous work experience?
Or better yet previous industry sales experience?
That process has never worked and will never work!

Stay tuned next issue will reveal the one secret to hiring top sales performers.