“He or she who gets hired is not
necessarily the one who can do that
job best; but, the one who knows the
most about how to get hired.”
in his classic Who’s Hiring Who?

Most of you know I started Advanced Hiring System as a retirement project after having sold Radio Profits Corporation. I figured it would give me a chance to keep my hand in the game. Plus I’d get to talk with businesspeople, who are always full of ideas of a practical nature. (Besides, there’s only so many miles I could crank and, unfortunately, aging knees make that even harder to do).

Now that we’re approaching the 600 client mark, it’s time for me to step back from the day to day operation of selling. Doing this will give me more time to do the strategic work that I’ve been wanting to do.

While we’re hiring a salesperson here at Advanced Hiring System, we’re eating our own dogfood, as the programers say.

And what’s interesting for me is the number of applicants who disqualify themselves right from the start.  They miss appointments or fail to set appointments — two deal killers for an applicant for sales. Today’s applicants seem much more unwilling to commit to a series of profiles/interviews or they “demand” more upfront than the market offers these days.

Maybe that’s why there seem to be a lot of out of work salespeople who think that just because they used to earn $100,000 a year they won’t start for less. Get over it. The world has changed and salespeople who don’t produce don’t stay. On the other hand, salespeople who can sell still make serious 6 figure incomes.

So while you’re out there looking for a serious salesperson provide a great, proven product, a high level of client support, a base to keep them going while they figure it out — and, most importantly, a generous share of revenue. Its a fair deal for a real salesperson, but for the fakers its too scary.