Better Sales – Managing Different Styles The High-C

High-C is about compliance – following “the rules.” High-C’s are mechanical and committed to being accurate. These characteristics present a challenge for someone who you’ve hired to sell for you.

Felix Unger — The Ultimate High C

Since selling is about breaking rules, if you have hired a High-C the odds are they are not making it. And worse, High-C’s really are not cut out for sales in 99.9% of cases. (At least in high sales driven types of sales organizations.)

High-C’s are worried in general as a result of their desire to be accurate. Felix Unger is the ultimate High-C.

Contrast this to top sales performers who are relaxed and, dare I say, a bit loose with the details. Put this note on your wall “High-C’s Can’t Sell” – it will save you a lot of time and energy.

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